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Contracts for Hemingford Solar Project Signed

By Kay Bakkehaug, The Ledger, Scottsbluff Star Herald

A total of seven contracts for the Hemingford Solar Project were signed by Village of Hemingford Chairman John Annen last Thursday, October 3. GenPro first reached out to Annen and the Village Board not quite three years ago. Solar power wasn’t necessarily on their radar at the time so the initial email was passed off to Village Clerk Barb Straub. Just over a year ago plans really began taking place when GenPro held a town hall meeting in Hemingford to discuss the benefits of solar energy. Over the past year contracts were worked and reworked to ensure that the Village of Hemingford was getting the best deal and history was made on October 3, 2019 when the solar project plans were signed. Continue reading here.

Photo Credit: GenPro Energy Solutions


Southern Public Power approves wind farm, while some residents object, NTV
Southern Power leaders say their agreement with Bluestem Energy for four wind turbines south of Aurora goes back five years. The project was agreed to, but development was delayed. Southern officials said this amendment will increase the capacity, at a better rate.“So that will be to the benefit of all our customers. This will be made available to any commercial industrial customers in Hamilton County for those that want a renewable energy,” said CEO Neal Niedfeldt. The customers Niedfeldt has in mind are ethanol plants that can reduce their carbon footprint, and improve their margins.

Wind will speed Holy Cross Energy to 70% renewable goal, Mountain Town News
Customers of Aspen Electric, the city utility, can be excused for yawning. After all, the city was able to hit 100% renewable energy in 2015, one of the first few utilities in the nation able to make that claim. It did so by bulking up on wind power from the Great Plains, specifically the panhandle of Nebraska, but also hydroelectric power from the big dams of the West, a bit of local and regional hydroelectric, plus a tiny amount of landfill gas. The gas is burned to generate electricity.

Selling electricity doesn’t make EV charging stations a utility, Iowa rules

By Karen Uhlenhuth, Energy News Network

A recent decision by Iowa utility regulators has removed a significant obstacle to the widespread development of public charging stations for electric vehicles. The Iowa Utilities Board ruled last week that providing electric vehicle charging service does not make a business a public utility. That’s significant because public utilities are subject to state oversight on all aspects of their business, including the setting of prices. The board’s finding also clarified that sellers of charging services may structure fees as they wish, and, in most cases, even sell power they generated on site such as with solar panels. Continue reading here.

Photo by J. Stephen Conn: The Iowa 80 Truck Stop was at the center of a regulatory case in Iowa over whether owners of EV charging stations can charge for electricity.


  • Minnesota shuts down oil, manufacturing groups’ attempt to derail Xcel EV pilot, by Catherine Morehouse, Utility Dive. Minnesota regulators on Monday stamped out a group of manufacturing and petroleum groups’ attempt to reverse approval of Xcel Energy’s $25 million electric vehicle pilot program. EV and clean energy stakeholders were skeptical of the groups’ involvement, noting that it may be the beginning of a longer fight between oil and electric power interests as EV adoption grows.







  • Shareholders vs. stakeholders: Fundamental changes in an old debate, contributed opinion by Terry F. Yosie, Former President and CEO, World Environment Center. Published by GreenBiz. The movement for an expanded stakeholder voice in corporate decision making is challenging and adds complexity to already crowded executive calendars, but it is not antagonistic to shareholder value. In a world driven by changing demographics, disruptive technologies, climate change, less stable financial and political systems and market volatility, integration of both approaches is necessary for business to maintain its social license to operate.

Business Roundtable’s Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation


  • Solar stocks soar in 2019, PV Magazine
    A true representation of health in any industry is said industry’s standing in the stock market. That sounds painfully simple, and it is, but sometimes we can get so lost in the weeds between policy, emerging technology, legal battles and system failures that we forget what makes the world go round: money.
  • Beyond the PPA, PV Magazine
    Contract lengths are getting shorter and hedges are replacing PPAs in the Texas solar market. Are we headed toward a future of merchant solar? These shorter PPAs are driven by a number of factors, but chief among these is that corporate off-takers are demanding them. Colin Smith, a solar analyst at Wood Mackenzie, describes a “tremendous amount of pressure” from Google, Facebook and Microsoft for shorter terms.



Solar energy, storage project planned for Burt County

Special to the Norfolk Daily News

TEKAMAH — Burt County Public Power District’s board and management are moving forward with a storage-plus-solar project, which is to be built within Burt County’s service territory. The distribution-connected generation project will be a combination of solar energy and a battery storage system. The 6 megawatt hour storage system will enable the interconnected renewable energy generation facility to become a dispatchable resource. Continue reading here.

Photo Credit: American Public Power Association

Bluestem Energy Solutions conducting renewable-energy study for Edgerton, Wisconsin

By Ashley McCallum, Gazette Xtra

A Nebraska energy company is conducting a feasibility study to find opportunities for renewable energy in Edgerton. The study will analyze energy consumption data provided by the city and determine whether city facilities qualify for renewable-energy development, said City Administrator Ramona Flanigan . . . Flanigan said she hopes the city’s investment will encourage other individuals and businesses to look into renewable-energy sources. Edgerton’s city hall has been powered by solar energy since it was built in 2010. Read more here.

Bluestem Energy Solutions partners with Boyd Jones, a construction company founded in 1924, to engineer and develop renewable energy systems to provide clean energy to their clients.

Bluestem Energy News Releases

Featured Renewable Energy / Climate Action Initiatives in Wisconsin

Nebraska renewable energy company looks to expand to Aledo, Illinois

By Katrina Lamansky, WQAD

ALEDO, Illinois — A Nebraska company is looking to expand its renewable energy capabilities into the Quad Cities area. The company, Bluestem Energy Solutions reached out to city leaders in Aledo, Illinois to explore the possibility of installing a wind or solar farm in the area. According to Chicago Tribune, new state requirements and incentives have peaked the interest in renewable energy developers. Read more here.

Photo Credit: Bluestem Energy Solutions

The Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act, now in effect, is an outstanding, innovative clean energy initiative that will likely attract the attention of more and more renewable energy developers in the months and years ahead. 

The Act Will:

  • Substantially expand energy efficiency programs to drive customer savings and also expand options for commercial, industrial, and low-income customers.
  • Commit up to $750 million for low-income communities to save money and help them benefit from clean energy.
  • Protect 4,200 jobs and preserve $1.2 billion in economic activity annually.
  • Strengthen and expand the Renewable Portfolio Standard to ensure stable, predictable funding for renewable development, providing $180M per year – growing to $220M per
    year – in funding for renewable resources
    , including new wind power, large-scale solar power, and rooftop and community solar.
  • Position Illinois as a leader in zero-carbon electricity.
  • Provide job training and create thousands of clean energy jobs in energy efficiency, energy innovation, and renewable power industries.
  • Protect consumers through a 25-cent monthly cost impact cap for residential customers through 2030 and a 1.3% cap for business customers.

To learn more, visit: FutureEnergyJobsAct.com

Fairmont wind farm to supply Perennial Public Power District

By Andy Raun, Region/Farm News Editor, Hastings Tribune

FAIRMONT — Perennial Public Power District is partnering with an Omaha company to secure its own exclusive supply of renewable wholesale electricity through a small wind farm to be built west of here. Representatives of the Perennial district, which is based in York and serves York and Fillmore counties, joined leaders from Bluestem Energy Solutions Friday morning at a ceremonial groundbreaking for the Fillmore County Wind Farm west of Fairmont. The turbines will be built along U.S. Highway 6. In the news release, Perennial and Bluestem say the arrangement is unusual for a rural public power district, which does not generate its own electricity but purchases it wholesale from an agency like the Nebraska Public Power District. Read more here.

“According to the American Wind Energy Association, 1 megawatt of wind power can meet the power needs of about 300 households for a year.” The Fillmore County Wind Farm will generate 6.9 megawatts, or enough to power about 2,000 households for a year, and it is expected to contribute approximately $4 million to the local economy.

Photo Credit: Beatrice Daily Sun

About Bluestem Energy Solutions
The Bluestem business model is focused around value-based solutions and helping to improve the long-term economics of our customers’ electrical distribution services. The electric utility industry is changing rapidly with new opportunities, customer preferences, and technology options. Our model is based on customizing a solution, specific for the unique situation of each one of our customers.

Bluestem Energy Solutions currently has three employment positions open:
Project Manager, Development Associate, and Research Intern
. Click here for additional details and contact information.

Two More Bluestem Energy Solutions Projects in Nebraska

About Perennial Public Power District
Perennial Public Power District is an electric utility centered at the crossroads of the Midwest (the intersection of Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 81) in York, Nebraska. Perennial distributes electricity to over 8,000 customers throughout York and Fillmore counties including twelve towns and villages. Perennial is a public corporation and political subdivision of the State of Nebraska, which is governed by a locally elected 6-member Board of Directors.


CCC wind turbine source of energy, education

By Tony Herman, Hastings Tribune

“As far as the facility itself, at its peak it will generate enough energy to run the campus,” Campus President Bill Hitesman said. “Everything we get back from Hastings Utilities will be clean energy.” Construction started on the project in October and finished a couple weeks ago. The turbine was online as of Dec. 23 and is now sending power to the Hastings Utilities grid. Hitesman said CCC is in process of putting together a wind energy curriculum. Read more.

Photo: A wind turbine built south of the Central Community College (CCC) campus in partnership with Bluestem Energy Solutions, Hastings Utilities and CCC. Credit: Amy Roh, Hastings Tribune via Associated Press

Nebraska’s Central Community College recognized for going green, Columbus Telegram

APEX plans include 300-megawatt wind facility in Saline and Fillmore Counties

Seward County Independent / The Sentinel  Yes! Magazine

The Saline County Wind Association (SCWA) Inc. has voted to enter into negotiations on a wind lease agreement with APEX Clean Energy of Charlottesville, Virginia. APEX has indicated it plans to build a 300 megawatt wind energy facility in the following townships of Saline and Fillmore counties: Atlanta, Olive, Turkey Creek, Belle Prairie, Chelsea, Franklin and Glengary. APEX has renewable energy projects in 25 states, most of those projects being wind energy facilities. This will be their first project in Nebraska. Click to continue reading.

Fillmore County is about 120 miles from Omaha, with a population of approximately 5600 according to the latest census. Geneva is the county seat.

Photo Credit: Yes! Magazine

Beatrice Renewable Energy Projects Soon to be Reviewed, News Channel Nebraska

Wind turbine proposal awaits zoning regulations

Written by Becca Mann, The Grand Island Independent

Wind Turbines in Steele CityAURORA — If it passes regulations, a commercial wind turbine project proposed by Bluestem Energy Solutions and Southern Power District will be the first of its kind in the Aurora area. The installation of four 270-foot turbines near Aurora is pending regulations to be set by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners.

The Hamilton County Joint Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a hearing at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 17, at the Bremer Community Center to develop possible regulations for the proposed and future projects . . . According to the Nebraska Energy Office, Nebraska has 539 operational wind turbines at 18 sites across the state. Read more here.

Photo: Wind turbines dot the landscape near Steele City, Nebraska. Credit: Associated Press / Nati Harnik

GOP states benefiting from shift to wind and solar energy, Associated Press. Posted by The Grand Island Independent. [The] U.S. leads the world in wind energy with about 48,800 utility-scale turbines operating across the country, generating enough electricity to power about 20 million homes. By 2030, the Energy Department estimates wind will provide a fifth of the nation’s electricity. “Wind energy is very low-cost and not subject to the fuel price risk that both natural gas and coal face,” said Michael Goggin, senior director of research at the American Wind Energy Association, an industry trade group. “Adding wind is cheaper than new gas or new coal. It is by far the lowest-cost resource.”