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Quikbyke is a solar-powered e-bike rental shop & charging station in a shipping container

By Derek Markham, Treehugger

The founder of one of the longest-running electric vehicle sites on the web, EV World, is building a spin-off that will directly enter the electric mobility scene by offering e-bike rentals from a self-contained solar powered shipping container. Bill Moore’s Quikbyke system just finished a successful summer trial in Omaha, Nebraska, and will soon be in St. Petersburg, Florida, where it will serve cruise passengers and other tourists (primarily targeting baby boomers) with an affordable and renewably-powered local transportation option . . . While a pop-up e-bike rental shop might be a good fit for many markets, Moore is looking to the cruise ship market, where an older customer base would be an ideal fit for e-bike rentals, and where stops on a route can disgorge hundreds of passengers who need local transportation but who want an alternative to a taxi or bus. Read the entire article here.

Quikbyke’s First Summer

Written by Bill Moore, Founder of Quikbyke & EV World 

quikbykeYou may have noticed that things have been a tad static here on EV World over the summer. There’s a good reason. We’ve been focusing much of our energy, time and attention on our electric bicycle rental startup Quikbyke. Yesterday, a tilt-bed car hauler arrived at the corner of 10th & Dodge and we loaded the repurposed 20 ft shipping container on it in preparation for moving it this Fall to the Florida Gulf Coast. Now that we have our first summer of operation under our belt, so to speak, I thought I’d share some of our experiences and analysis of the project, on which we now have a United States patent pending (15/260,232). But first a bit of background. Click to continue reading.

Photo: Quikbyke’s solar-powered eBike rental Qiosk in Omaha