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Apple’s Government-Approved Solar Plans and What They Mean for Utilities

By Indran Ratnathicam, Vice President, Marketing & Strategy at First Fuel. Published by Renewable Energy World


The U.S. government has granted Apple approval to sell the company’s excess solar energy under the name Apple Energy LLC. If Apple becoming an energy “provider,” in addition to consumer, doesn’t serve as a proof point of the massive change happening in the utility industry today, not much else will. This move not only means Apple can now offload its surplus and make some extra cash; it also signals mounting pressure for traditional utilities to innovate, or else risk seeing customers turn elsewhere for energy services. Commercial customers make up over half the overall load and revenue at a typical utility — in smaller numbers and greater concentration than residential customers — and increasingly are taking matters into their own hands to meet their energy needs . . .  In a recent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 72 percent of U.S. companies indicated that they are actively pursuing procurement of clean energy. Read more here.

To learn about other large U.S. companies increasing access to renewable energy, visit: Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles.Org.

The Buyers’ Principles have outlined six criteria to help companies meet their ambitious renewable-energy purchasing goals.

Apple Can Sell Power as Tech Giants Boost Investment

 By Jonathan Crawford, Bloomberg News apple-solar-farm.jpg.

Apple Inc., which is spending $850 million on a 130-megawatt solar farm near San Francisco over 25 years, can begin selling power into wholesale markets in the latest foray by a technology company into the energy business. Apple’s subsidiary Apple Energy LLC may sell energy, capacity and other services needed to maintain reliable power, according to an order by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Thursday. In granting approval, the commission determined the company did not raise the risk of being able to unfairly hike up power prices. The iPhone maker is among a group of companies investing in energy projects in a bid to tackle global warming and cut electric bills. Google, Microsoft Corp. and Amazon.com Inc. are backing wind turbines and solar farms to power their operations and lower their carbon footprint.
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SEE ALSO Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ PrinciplesA collaboration of leading companies seeking simplified access to the renewable electricity they need to meet their clean and low carbon energy goals. The project is facilitated by World Resources Institute and World Wildlife Fund. 

Apple is launching a new company to sell surplus solar energy

Apple's solar farmBy Cat DiStasio, Inhabitat
For years, Apple has been generating solar power at a number of enormous solar farms around the world, helping offset the energy used by its many manufacturing and distribution facilities. Although the company isn’t completely powering its global operations by solar energy, there is enough excess solar power being generated by Apple’s California headquarters and Nevada solar farm to warrant a new venture: Apple Energy LLC. The energy spin off company could begin selling surplus solar power as early as August. Continue reading. Photo: Apple’s solar farm in Nevada

How solar panels save everybody money, Futurity. Posted by Boston University 
The paper, published in the journal Energy Policy, notes that using an hourly average for electricity prices, rather than a daily average—as many past studies have done—is a more accurate way to quantify how PV systems affect electricity prices, because such prices fluctuate greatly throughout the day.
GTM: Solar accounts for 64% of all new electricity online in US for Q1 2016
University Of Connecticut Students’ Business Helps Provide Solar Energy Equipment To Developing Countries. Two University of Connecticut students have started a business in providing solar energy equipment to developing countries, such as Haiti, Nepal, and some communities in Africa. Innovative-Diffusion LLC was launched 10 months ago by two UConn students.
Local Solar Energy Company Launches Community Solar ProjectThere’s a solar company in Rochester offering what it says is the first product of its type in the region. Sustainable Energy Developments has been putting up solar arrays throughout the region, and now they are offering people who don’t want to have the solar panels on their homes, a chance to buy solar energy.

Northport Public School Senior Develops Solar Energy Plan School is Now Implementing