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Q&A: Michigan economist discusses the market forces pushing electric vehicles, clean energy

Written by Andy Balaskovitz, Midwest Energy News

After serving 18 years as chief global economist at Ford Motor Co. and then as chief economist at the U.S. Department of Commerce under President Barack Obama ,Ellen Hughes-Cromwick brings a market-driven perspective to the way energy use and transportation could mitigate the impacts of climate change.

In late July, Hughes-Cromwick started as senior economist at the University of Michigan’s Energy Institute, where she will help lead research on this “intersection of energy, economics, policy, and human behavior.”

Click here to read Midwest Energy News’ interview with Hughes-Cromwick.

Clean energy advocates skeptical, cautious about retail choice bills in Nebraska and Kansas

Written by Karen Uhlenhuth, Midwest Energy News

Bills before the Nebraska and Kansas legislatures to allow electricity customers to choose their power provider are being viewed with caution, and a little skepticism, by clean-energy promoters in the two states. A Houston-based energy developer with Nebraska ties, Gary Aksamit, appears to be the driving force behind the legislation. Aksamit argues that a freer energy marketplace could mean more access to renewable sources. However, such a fundamental remaking of the electricity marketplace has people concerned about possible unintended consequences. Continue reading.

Photo by Garry Jones / Creative Commons: Nebraska Wind Farm

Nebraska bills would allow more community solar, tap lottery for funding

Midwest groups seek share of Volkswagen settlement funds for electric vehicles, by Andy Balaskovitz
Bipartisan effort seeks to double Minnesota’s renewable energy standard, by Frank Jossi

Michigan researchers issue guidelines for sustainable energy storage

Written by Andy Balaskovitz, Midwest Energy News

Image Credit: Portland General Electric

Image Credit: Portland General Electric

As energy storage deployment grows across a variety of sectors and fuel sources, a team of researchers at the University of Michigan has published a set of 12 principles to help guide projects on the most sustainable path forward . . . “These are guidelines or principles you can take into account to make sure there is the least environmental impact in terms of optimizing solutions,” said Maryam Arbabzadeh, a graduate assistant at U-M’s School of Natural Resources and Environment. She is also author of “Twelve Principles for Green Energy Storage in Grid Applications,” which was recently published in Environmental Science and Technology. Arbabzadeh said the study is published with “very good timing as utilization of energy storage is growing rapidly.”

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Reports: Cutting carbon can benefit low-income ratepayers

By Andy Balaskovitz, Midwest Energy News

Low-income residents’ health and pocketbooks are disproportionately affected by burning fossil fuels, and they stand to benefit the most as states comply with federal carbon regulations, according to two new reports released last week.

Those findings run counter to coal industry campaigns suggesting the opposite — that low-income residents are facing rate increases as states and utilities comply with the Clean Power Plan, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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