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County gives approval to test towers to collect wind speeds

By Jerry Guenther, Norfolk Daily News

MADISON — Two areas in the western part of Madison County will be the first to be studied for their suitability for possible wind farms. Following a pair of public hearings Wednesday, the Madison County board of commissioners approved two conditional-use permit applications sought by Invenergy Wind Development of Denver . . . Invenergy built and operates both Prairie Breeze projects west of Madison County and recently finished construction of the Upstream Wind Farm, north of Neligh. Read more here.

Photo Credit: Invenergy

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Young conservatives flock to Washington in support of clean energy

By Roberta Combs and Tom Kiernan, Opinion Contributors, The Hill

This week, hundreds of young conservatives from across the country will be visiting the nation’s capitol. Their mission is to participate in a time-honored democratic tradition—making sure their elected officials hear their voices. The message these young men and women plan to convey is simple: they support clean energy, and they want to power more of America with it.

Vigorous conservative support for clean energy may come as a surprise to some, but it shouldn’t. In fact, conservative principles and clean energy align quite well. Shared common values include a belief in markets, devotion to a strong U.S. economy, and the practice of good stewardship. And many of the country’s wind leaders–like Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, and
Kansas–have long conservative histories. Continue reading here.

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Roberta Combs is President & CEO of the Christian Coalition.



Tom Kiernan is CEO of the American Wind Energy Association.



2.2 GW Of Solar Power Backed By Ohio Business


Solar has the potential to foster peace and aid conflict resolution by being deployed in several of the world’s crisis areas. Electricity is one of the highest costs for humanitarian missions in fragile regions, such as South Sudan, the Congo, Somalia, Myanmar and Yemen, among others. In an interview with pv magazine, the CEO and founder of Energy Peace Partners describes how solar installed in camps and protected areas, could improve the outcomes of such missions.
Energy Peace Partners Website
Image: UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti. Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class David A. Frech

  • India to generate 100 GW solar energy by 2022: Suresh Prabhu, Economic Times
    New Delhi: Union Minister Suresh Prabhu has said that India has set a target to generate 100 GW solar energy by 2022 for increasing share of carbon-free energy in the energy mix. While speaking at a function of International Solar Alliance (ISA) Innovation and Investment Forum here today Prabhu stressed on joint efforts required to reduce the cost of finance and technology for massive production of solar energy. “Many firms of Australia and Japan are keen to invest in India in the solar energy sector.”

Ohio No. 2 on federal list of new distributed wind power capacity

By Megan Henry, The Columbus Dispatch

Unlike wind power from wholesale generation where power is sent through transmission lines and substations, distributed wind power is used at or near where it is generated, according to DOE. Iowa had the most new distributed wind capacity installed in 2017 with 63.47 megawatts, according to the report.

Distributed wind systems are connected on the customer side of the meter to meet the onsite load or directly to distribution or micro grids to help grid operation or offset large loads close by, and are possible for approximately 49.5 million residential, commercial or industrial sites, according to an analysis by the DOE. The U.S. wind industry installed more than seven gigawatts of capacity in 2017, according to the report. Read more here.



Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar systems and small wind turbines: 30% through 2018 and 2019. Source: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)

USDA Seeks Applications for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Loans and Grants
The deadlines to apply for grants are October 31, 2018, and April 1, 2019. Applications for loan guarantees are accepted year-round. REAP helps agricultural producers and rural small businesses reduce energy costs and consumption by purchasing and installing renewable energy systems and making energy efficiency improvements in their operations.

Free market coalition protests plan to bail out uneconomic power plants

By Greg Alvarez, Into the Wind, AWEA Blog

As the administration considers plans to subsidize uneconomic coal and nuclear plants, a broad coalition has opposed the idea. From environmentalists to oil and gas groups and grid operatorsmany voices have said this is an unnecessary step that would harm American families and businesses.

Recently, another coalition emerged. A group of free market organizations–led by the National Taxpayers Union and including Americans for Prosperity, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, and others–sent a letter to the president explaining their concerns. Here’s what they had to say: Continue reading here.

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Trump’s coal plan would boost mining jobs, but also premature deaths, says new study,  Washington Examiner 

President Trump’s push to save coal-fired power plants would put miners back to work, but it would also cause more premature deaths that could cancel out those benefits, according to a new study by environmental economists. Resources for the Future issued the study Thursday focused on the effects of the Trump administration’s proposal on emissions, mortality from those emissions, and coal mine jobs.

“Our simulation results indicate that, each year, one American would die from air pollution for every 2 to 4.5 coal mining jobs supported by the policy,” according to the authors of the study, Daniel Shawhan and Paul Picciano.

Download the study: Retirements and Funerals: The Emission, Mortality, and Coal-Mine Employment Effects of a Two-Year Delay in Coal and Nuclear Power Plant Retirements

Colorado co-ops consider dropping their energy provider

Written by Allen Best, Energy News Network

A cooperative that serves four Western states could soon be losing customers amid concerns it’s not moving away from coal quickly enough. Colorado-based Tri-State Generation & Transmission boasts of having the most solar generation of any G&T in the United States. But whether it’s shifting to renewables quickly enough from its coal-heavy portfolio — and flexible enough to accommodate locally-generated electricity — has become a central issue with several of the 43 member cooperatives . . . Tri-State’s 43 member cooperatives collectively deliver electricity to [615,000 metered members/customers throughout] 200,000 square miles in New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. Click here to read more.

Tri-State’s Nebraska Member Cooperatives

CR Chimney Rock Public Power District, Bayard
MW The Midwest Electric Cooperative Corporation, Grant
NW Northwest Rural Public Power District, Hay Springs
PH Panhandle Rural Electric Membership Association, Alliance
RS Roosevelt Public Power District, Scottsbluff
WB Wheat Belt Public Power District, Sidney


New Windy Cities Award will honor city leadership in growing wind

By Alexander Laska, Into the Wind, AWEA News Blog

Every year, AWEA presents industry awards to recognize individuals and companies that have demonstrated excellence in advancing the wind industry. The annual awards program recognizes those leaders, at all levels and areas of the industry, who have shown passion and a clear vision for wind energy.

This year, AWEA is launching a new award to recognize cities that have demonstrated that same support and dedication. The AWEA Windy Cities Award will be given annually to one city or municipal utility that has demonstrated a clear commitment to growing the wind industry – by making a wind purchase that year, announcing plans to procure wind energy, or through some other tangible action. Continue reading here.

500 cities have committed to going big on clean energy this year – now what?

Energy Department Reports: Wind Energy Continues Rapid Growth

In the past year, Iowa and South Dakota produced more than 30 percent of their electricity from wind, and 12 other states exceeded 10 percent (Kansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Vermont, Idaho, Maine, Texas, Oregon, New Mexico, Nebraska).
Read the entire press release here.


New Facebook data center is a major win for Nebraska and Sarpy County

Omaha World-Herald Editorial 

Sarpy is building a notable reputation for its ability to host these large information-handling facilities. Yahoo, Fidelity, Cabela’s and Travelers all have operations there. The Facebook announcement puts an exclamation point on Sarpy County’s data-center success . . . Tim Burke, OPPD’s chief executive officer, says additional companies have expressed interest in possible expansion projects since the utility adopted a new rate structure in January allowing large electricity users to tap renewables for all of their energy needs. The Facebook project, in other words, points to more possible development to come. Read the entire editorial here.

Photo: Officials from the Papillion area as well as OPPD President Tim Burke,  Governor Pete Ricketts and Tom Furlong, vice president of infrastructure for Facebook, fourth from left, pose for pictures after the ceremony announcing the construction of the Facebook data center in Papillion. Credit: Jake Daniels

What are wind techs, why are they so much in demand, and how do you become one?

From AWEA’s Updated Nebraska Wind Energy Fact Sheet: 

  • Nebraska is one of the top states in the country for potential wind energy generation, with a technical potential of approximately 880,000 megawatts (MW) according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
  • Nebraska now has 1,328 MW of installed wind power.
  • State rank for installed wind capacity: 17th
  • Number of wind turbines: 741
  • Wind projects online: 21 (Projects over 10 MW: 14)
  • Direct and indirect jobs supported: 3,001 to 4,000
  • Total capital investment: $1.7 billion
  • Annual land lease payments: $1-5 million

Nebraska Wind Energy Fact Sheet, American Wind Energy Association

U.S. Wind Energy Industry Booming

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) published the US Wind Industry Second Quarter 2016 Market Report this week, revealing continuing strong growth in the industry. During the second quarter, a total of 169 wind turbines were installed over four states, with Texas installing 200 MW, followed by Kansas with 72 MW, Nebraska with 36 MW, and one turbine installed in Iowa.


”There’s never been a better time to buy American wind energy,” said Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA.

“Smart utilities and other customers are locking in prices at record lows by starting construction this year to qualify for the full-value PTC. The industry is thriving thanks to policy stability, and we appreciate support from champions in Congress for a multi-year extension of the PTC. Wind power supports 88,000 well-paying jobs, and the wind turbine technician is the fastest growing profession in the U.S. This is what an efficient, performance-driven policy delivers – more low-cost clean energy and the American jobs that make it happen.”

PTC: Production Tax Credit

U.S. Wind Industry Second Quarter 2016 Market Report, American Wind Energy Association.
Click here to download the non-member version of the report. 

AWEA: Wind industry set to provide 20% of US power by 2030, Utility Dive
MidAmerican Energy reaches settlement to move 2 GW wind farm forward, Utility Dive
 Alliant to invest $1 billion in Iowa wind energy, The Gazette