Green Watts for Good

We seek partnerships through our Green Watts for Good Program on solar projects as part of community development and revitalization and on solar installations on Nebraska food pantries and homeless shelters, especially in areas impacted by flooding. This is a way partnering nonprofits can reduce their energy bills, money they can use to support their programs and mission.

Nebraskans for Solar and Seventy Five North Revitalization Corporation partnered on the installation of a 4-kilowatt solar system on a home in the Highlander neighborhood, a mixed-income community in North Omaha, shown in the above photo.

The solar panels and components and the installation costs were funded by Nebraskans for Solar’s Green Watts for Good Program through individual contributions to the fund and our Omaha Gives campaign sponsored by the Omaha Community Foundation. 

Our next big fundraiser will be as a participating nonprofit in the Giving Tuesday campaign sponsored by SHARE Omaha on December 3, 2019,

 Ways You Can Get Involved in Green Watts for Good

  1. Learn more about Green Watts for Good at NFS-sponsored events, on our website and Facebook page, and from our newsletters.
  2. If you are a solar developer/installer who would like to donate your labor and/or solar panels for a solar PV system at a food bank or homeless shelter in your community through our Green Watts for Good program, please contact us.
  3. If your ecology or sustainability club, faith group, foundation, nonprofit or business would like to partner with Nebraskans for Solar on developing and installing a solar project in your neighborhood or community, please discuss your project idea with one or more of our board members, send an email to:, or come to one of our board meetings, held the second Saturday of each month at 9:30 am.
  4. Two more ways you can help are to make a contribution to a Green Watts for Good project through our Giving Tuesday campaign sponsored by SHARE Omaha on December 3, 2019, and to our Omaha Gives campaign sponsored by the Omaha Community Foundation on May 20, 2020.
  5. You may also make a tax-deductible donation by sending a check payable to Nebraskans for Solar, with Green Watts for Good in the memo line, and mailing it to: 

Metro Credit Union
PO Box 390696
Omaha, Nebraska 68139

Thank You for Your Testimonials for our Omaha Gives Campaign
Sponsored by the Omaha Community Foundation

Matt Gregory, Clean Energy Advocate
“Nebraskans for Solar is one of the premier groups working on solar energy in Nebraska. Whether they’re disseminating news and information, educating the public and holding events, or engaging in community development such as their Clarkson Park installation, Nebraskans for Solar is on the forefront of enlightening residents and brightening Omaha’s future.”

Graham Christensen, GC REVolt, LLC
“Interest in solar energy is HOT in Nebraska. This is a result of decreasing costs in solar and environmental need, but also because Nebraskans are becoming more aware of the many benefits that solar offers. Nebraskans for Solar (NFS) is a big reason why more people are aware of these benefits. Please support NFS so that they can help educate more Nebraskans about solar through their demonstration solar-powered home and their Green Watts for Good program!”

Karen Dageforde
“Nebraskans for Solar educates people about solar energy, keeps the public informed about renewable energy news and aids people who are ready to incorporate solar energy into their life. They are the organization to turn to for green energy information and are without a doubt one of the premier solar groups in the country.”

Kathy Roum, Senior Director of Development and Marketing, Habitat for Humanity of Omaha
“Habitat for Humanity of Omaha is pleased to call Nebraskans for Solar a partner. By working together to provide solar options on homes we are able to help families save money, making homeownership more affordable. Support of Nebraskans for Solar not only helps the environment, it helps local families. Habitat Omaha believes in building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.”

Patricia Fuller
“Nebraskans for Solar is truly at the forefront of advancing the solar power movement. Their education programs have gathered together Nebraska’s solar power experts to answer questions and have always encouraged audience participation. They are doing more than just talking about solar, they are actively engaged in a grassroots movement to make it a reality.”

Mary Ferdig, President & CEO of the Sustainability Leadership Institute:
“Please join me in supporting Nebraskans for Solar – an innovative and active organization that serves our future-focused local community!”

Cliff Mesner, President, Mesner Solar Development Company
“Nebraskans for Solar has provided the long-term, steady force necessary to promote solar development across Nebraska. Solar development is accelerating quickly, but we need the ongoing influence of Nebraskans for Solar to keep development moving. We hope you will give your support.”

Rita S. Corell, Past President, Nebraska Solar Energy Society
“The interest that NFS has generated has united people across age groups and income levels; their outreach comes from the heart first, business second. I admire all that they have accomplished and support them 100% in their next level of goals with their Green Watts for Good program, installing photovoltaic (PV) systems on Habitat for Humanity and similar homes.”

Don Preister, Green Bellevue Board Member 
Nebraskans for Solar is an active, dedicated group of volunteers who do support-work for solar energy. They are knowledgable, up-to-date, and a great resource that I use.

If you would like to write a testimonial, please use our website contact form under “About Us” on the menu bar, or email it to:

From all of us at Nebraskans for Solar:
Thank you for your support!