Free IREC Webinar – Making the Grid Smarter: Primer for States on Adoption of IEEE 1547-2018 Standard for Distributed Energy Resources

December 18, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm


Join Interstate Renewable Energy Council for a detailed preview of our first 2019 regulatory resource: Making the Grid Smarter: State Primer on Adopting the IEEE 1547™-2018 Standard for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)This report will provide an explanation of the major revisions in the updated national standard for interconnection of DERs, including a synopsis of some of the issues that states will need to consider as they work through adoption from its menu of options.

IEEE Std 1547™ 2018 will have an impact on DER developers, installers, manufacturers, customers and utilities. In addition, state utility regulators will play an important role in ensuring that all stakeholders’ interests are balanced, with the overall goal of increasing the safety, security, resilience and reliability of the grid.

Specifically, the standard requires DERs to provide capabilities for grid supportive functionalities, including voltage and frequency ride-through, voltage and frequency regulation, as well as communications and control functionality.

When utilized, these capabilities can help increase the amount of DERs that can be accommodated on the grid, improve power quality for all customers, and ensure that DERs can continue to be a reliable and optimized grid resource as penetration increases.


Brian Lydic: As Regulatory Engineer for IREC, Brian is a member of UL 1741 and IEEE 1547 working groups, helping to improve the grid integration of PV systems. Brian is a founding member and chair of the Forum on Inverter Grid Integration Issues (FIGII), an ad-hoc consortium of PV experts that seeks to address emerging high penetration issues through research and standardization.

Sara Baldwin Auck: 
As Director of IREC’s Regulatory Program, Sara Baldwin Auck develops and oversees IREC’s national regulatory engagement strategy on distributed energy resource policies, in coordination with IREC’s regulatory team.


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