Nebraska Solar Schools

Nebraska Solar Schools is a Nebraskans for Solar (NFS) Program. Representatives from NFS and several other Nebraska organizations put together the format of the original Nebraska Solar Schools program. The new version maintains the same purpose and goals.

The purpose of the Solar Energy Education & Development Program is to provide resources for K-12 teachers to facilitate integration of renewable energy education into their classrooms or after-school programs. Resources are also provided for those who want to install a photovoltaic (PV) system at their school.

100 Solar Energy Kits for 100 Nebraska Schools

Nebraska Solar Schools is pleased to announce the launch of a new project made possible through a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust: 100 Solar Energy Kits for 100
Nebraska Schools.

The Trust is funded by proceeds from the Nebraska lottery and has awarded more than $305 million to over 2,200 conservation projects across the state of Nebraska since 1994. Nebraska
Solar Schools’ new project would not be possible without Nebraska Environmental Trust funding.

Additional Organizations & Resources 

See “Links” on this website and Nebraska Solar Schools’ for lists of many other local, state, and national organizations that provide resources on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and
electric vehicles. A number of them also sponsor or co-sponsor with allied organizations
renewable energy events, including how-to workshops, panel presentations, and tours.