State of the planet a worrying concern for future generations

By Kathryn Borrell, Project Manager,
GlobeScan, GreenBiz

Keen to understand how we meet the demands of next generations and to develop business towards a future where people and planet can thrive, IKEA and GlobeScan conducted research in August and September involving over 30,000 consumers across 30 countries. The research shows that globally, climate change is a concern for the majority, with 73 percent of people worrying a lot or a fair amount about it.

Among the 14 markets previously surveyed in 2017, we found that anxiety around climate change was growing. A multitude of climate-related impacts rightly cause concern, but our study highlighted that the main thing worrying people across the world is the state of the planet for future generations. Read more here.

About the Author
Kathryn Borrell joined GlobeScan’s London office in 2018 after beginning her market research career at Ipsos MORI’s Reputation Centre. Her several years of experience running reputation and stakeholder engagement research benefits clients by helping them to build long-term trust and communicate messages effectively. Kathryn has worked across a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, tech, utilities, finance and education.