Big Companies Drive Clean Energy Development. Can Small Businesses Do The Same?

Contributed by Andy Stone, Forbes

In its Renewable Energy Policy Pathways Report, the REBA Institute identifies three pathways to grow the universe of companies that have the ability to procure clean energy. Each of these pathways already exist, but need to be accelerated to allow businesses to reach truly ambitious clean energy targets, including the 100% clean energy goals being pursued by over 200 companies. REBA notes that commercial and industrial customers consume half of the country’s electricity.

Consumer choice may be the best way to grow clean energy capacity and democratize consumption, but where retail choice isn’t available, or isn’t likely to be enacted anytime soon, the next best option is to expand existing utility green tariff programs. The result would be a doubling of commercial and industrial-backed clean energy development through 2030, with little net impact on energy prices, says REBA. Read more here.

Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Initiatives

Previously Posted – Facebook was the first OPPD customer to take advantage of Rate 261M.

Supply Chains 

The following REBA resource helps large member companies like Facebook and others to educate their suppliers about procuring renewable energy for their own operations: Supporting your suppliers