Solar shares still available

Mike Konz, Kearney Hub

KEARNEY — Want to power your home with solar energy? There’s still plenty of it available from the 53-acre solar farm at TechoNE Crossing, Kearney’s technology park. To get the solar energy, you’ll need to purchase shares in the solar farm, which went online in 2018 and initially offered about 7,000 shares. About one-third of the shares remain unsold, according to the city of Kearney, which announced this week it is looking for buyers for the 2,032 solar shares still available. In addition to getting buyers plugged into solar energy, owning the shares will lock in solar electrical rates for 20 years. Kearney residents who are interested in locking in electrical rates or protecting the environment can sign up online to purchase solar shares at They also may call NPPD at 877-275-6773. Read more here.