Earth911’s iRecyle App Version 3.0 Available for Free Download

Earth911’s iRecycle app is back with a completely new version that gets back to basics: iRecycle helps you find local recycling options for more than 350 materials and keeps you tuned into Earth911’s daily sustainable living, recycling how-to, and inspirational information for green living.

Recycling reduces or eliminates the need to extract and process raw materials to make products from scratch; conserves energy, natural resources and landfill space; reduces air and water pollution and greenhouse gases. Recycling is one of the easiest things you can do to help mitigate climate change.

Earth 911’s Vision & Mission
Our vision and mission are simple — create a community that helps people find their own shade of green, adopt environmentally sound practices and drive impactful environmental changes. We are here to deliver sustainable living articles, audio, and video, as well as recycling data to help you choose a happier, healthier, sustainable lifestyle — one that protects this wonderful planet we all call home.