So, You’ve Got 100% Renewable Energy — Now What?

By Tina Casey, CleanTechnica

For some insights into the ins and outs of decarbonization, last month CleanTechnica spoke with Peder Holk Nielsen, President and CEO of the leading industrial enzyme producer Novozymes.

The strategy is somewhat different here in the US, where state-level policies play a critical role. Novozymes is currently working on solutions for its operations in Nebraska and North Carolina, two states that have historically had a somewhat fraught relationship with renewable energy.
Fortunately, the winds are shifting in both of those states, figuratively and literally. The economic case for wind power is (finally) catching the eye of policy makers in Nebraska, and North Carolina is on the verge of tapping into its rich offshore wind resourcesRead more here.

Photo: Novozymes Blair, Inc

Previously Posted
The heat is on: Amongst the first in the world, Novozymes commits to 1.5 degrees, Novozymes News Release. From New York during Climate Week and the United Nations General Assembly, Novozymes’ President and CEO announces validated, science-based commitment to limit global warming increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Novozymes’ Commitments and Targets
Novozymes aims to help solve three global challenges: Climate, Water and sustainable Production & Consumption, and to help people, inside and outside the company, learn and thrive. We commit to growing the positive impact from our biological solutions and reducing the negative impact from our operations. We will monitor progress through 2030 commitments and 2022 targets.