Latest OPPD Initiative Targets Technology With Customers In Mind

OPPD News Release

Omaha Public Power District is mapping out its 10-year strategic plan. Five new strategic initiatives will lead the way, while maintaining a strong focus on OPPD’s mission of providing affordable, reliable, environmentally sensitive energy services. These initiatives take into account dynamic trends and issues that continue to shape the future of the electricity industry, including carbon emissions and climate change, emerging sources of competition, the future role of electricity markets, smart technology, evolving customer desires, and more.

At [Thursday’s] OPPD Board of Directors meeting, Kate Brown, vice president and chief information officer – Business Technology & Building Services, shared information on one of those key initiatives – technology platform. This involves developing a scalable and secure digital ecosystem that will enable OPPD to extend technology to our customers and employees in a way that we cannot do today. Continue reading here.

Photo: UNMC Solar Array. Credit: Morrissey Engineering