Futuristic lawn care: UNK using technology to tackle yardwork

UNK Communications, The Kearney Hub

“Snips” and “Chopper,” a pair of appropriately nicknamed robotic mowers, were introduced to campus last week as part of a pilot project launched by UNK Facilities Management and Planning. The goal, according to assistant director Michael Cremers, is to increase efficiency and flexibility within the department while trimming the university’s annual landscaping expenses. Down the line, Cremers added, the charging stations [for the robotic mowers] could be set up to run entirely on solar power. UNK currently receives 25 percent of its electricity from a solar park in northeast Kearney. Read more here.

Kearney’s Solar Farm, which consists of approximately 23,000 panels, is located on 53 acres in the city’s technology park, Tech oNE Crossing, The panels are mounted on a tracker-designed racking system. To date, the array is Nebraska’s largest solar project, generating 5.8 megawatts of electricity, or about 5% of Kearney’s peak demand. Image Credit: SoCore Energy
Solar Farm Developer: SoCore Energy
Installer: Interconnection Systems based in Central City, Nebraska
NPPD’s SunWise Community Solar Program