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Based in Alliance,  Nebraska, the Greenhouse in the Snow business has been growing for over 35 years. Russ Finch is the designer, owner, and creator of the Greenhouse in the Snow. He was born in 1932 and lives at home with his wife Darlene. Russ’s greenhouse is attached to the back of his house, and it is truly magnificent.

Over a period of 35 years, Russ designed and perfected his beloved greenhouse using low grade geothermal in order to produce citrus and other fruits, vegetables, and many flowers all year round. In his greenhouse, he currently has hundreds of plants.

In April of 2010, Russ approached Allen Bright at Antioch Machine, LLC, in Alliance, Nebraska, about manufacturing parts for his greenhouses. Allen happily agreed, and the first order was placed April 30, 2010. Allen was brought in on the deal and has been aiding Russ in manufacturing, selling, and delivering greenhouses ever since. Since 2013, Russ has sold over 50 greenhouses. Visit Greenhouse in the Snow to learn more. 

Event To Be Announced: I recently talked with Russ over the telephone, and he said a greenhouse using solar energy in the cold weather months will be built in the Omaha area. When it’s completed, he will invite Nebraskans for Solar for a tour. Watch for an announcement on our website calendar and Facebook page.

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