What unites America around clean energy

By James Redford and Adam Browning, Opinion, Washington Post

James Redford is a climate activist and filmmaker. He is co-founder and chair of the Redford Center. Adam Browning is executive director of Vote Solar, a nonprofit organization working to expand solar access in states nationwide.

During our recent travels across the United States, we met with the policymakers, business leaders and activists behind the nation’s radical shift to clean energy. After speaking with them, it became evident that there were countless motivations driving this transition: climate change, healthier air, environmental justice, customer choice, national security and energy freedom. But no matter whom we talked to, there was one universal driver that transcended position and political affiliation — and that’s pure economics . . . In Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton’s administration realized that the $18 billion the state was spending every year to import fossil fuels would be better spent investing in infrastructure and jobs right at home. Today, 57,000 Minnesotans work in the state’s growing new energy economy, powered in large part by a pioneering community solar program. Read more here.



Building Energy completes largest landfill solar project in U.S., Solar Power World

Building Energy, a multinational company operating as a globally integrated IPP in the renewable energy industry, and Building Energy Holding US, through its renewable energy subsidiary Annapolis Solar Park, announced the inauguration of its largest solar PV project built in North America. Built by EDF Renewables, the project is located on a closed landfill in the city of Annapolis, Maryland.