How the SolSmart Solar Energy Program Helps Communities Go Solar

By Tina Casey, Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

Until recent years, businesses seeking on site solar energy had to negotiate a thicket of regulatory glitches and permit issues for solar installations. Practically every solar buyer had to reinvent the wheel, leading to increased costs at the least, and insurmountable obstacles at the worst. Fortunately, those days are fading into memory as the solar market matures. In the latest sign that it’s getting easier to go solar, 200 US cities and counties — accounting for a population of almost 60 million people — have signed on to the SolSmart solar engagement program. Read more here.

SolSmart Website
SolSmart Designees
Lincoln, Nebraska is a SolSmart Designee, with the goal of achieving the highest level: Gold. See: Lincoln Environmental Action Plan (PDF)

These May 16 SolSmart webinars discuss the application process.

  • Webinar for Community-Based Application: 2pm Central TimeRegister here.
  • Webinar for the Organization-Based RFP: 3pm Central TimeRegister here.