Opportunity for Nebraska Communities & Organizations: Applications Open for Third Round of SolSmart Advisors

SolSmart has announce the opening of the application process for the third round of SolSmart Advisors. SolSmart Advisors provide no-cost technical assistance in communities that are selected through this competitive application process. Each Advisor works in a community or region full-time for approximately six months. Our previous Advisors have assisted communities in launching Solarize campaigns, modeling solar installations on government buildings, streamlining solar permitting processes, and much more.

There are two application pathways and the appropriate pathway is determined by the lead applicant: 1) a local government; or 2) an organization.

All applications are due by June 4, 2018.

Community-Based Application

This application is for local governments (cities, counties, villages, and towns) that want to apply to host a SolSmart Advisor for themselves and/or a group of communities. The most competitive applications will include a partnership between two or more communities (a “cohort”), with a larger number of communities being preferable. 

Organization-Based RFP

This pathway is for organizations including, but not limited to, councils of government, regional planning commissions, community organizations, and energy and environmental nonprofits. Organizations interested in acting as Advisors will apply through an RFP.

Read SolSmart’s blog post which provides more information on the pathways, application timelines, and a schedule of upcoming webinars on these opportunities.