Wind energy close to powering up in Kimball

By Dakota Kuhns, Western Nebraska Observer

This week, the week of March 12, the wind farm substation will be energized, followed by the collector system (the wires that connect all the wind turbines to the substation.) During the week of March 19, [John Brown, Chief Development Officer of Kimball Wind Energy] plans to start commissioning the individual wind turbines so county residents may notice one unit running at a time . . . As of right now, Brown states that the project is still on tract to reach full commercial operation on June 30. Read more here.

Wind farm in Kimball, Nebraska, is being decommissioned, but a new one will rise on the same site in 2018, by Cole Epley, Omaha World-Herald

LINCOLN — For the first time in about seven years as a wind developer, Sandhills Energy President Eric Johnson finally has an answer to the question he most commonly gets asked: What happens to wind farms when they’ve reached the end of their useful lives?  At least in Kimball, Nebraska, where Johnson’s company is working with a Lincoln-based general contractor to decommission the state’s first utility-scale wind farm, the answer is to build a bigger, better wind energy project. Click here to continue reading.

Kimball Wind Farm, Nebraska’s first utility-scale wind farm, before it was decommissioned and new turbines installed. Image Credit: Nebraska Municipal Power Pool. Link to Dakota Kuhns’ article to see the new wind turbines.