Nevada Leads Nation in Per Capita Solar Power, Dems and Republicans Herald Progress

By John J. Berger, Contributor, Huffington Post

Las Vegas, NV—Realizing that they are sitting on a renewable energy gold mine, public officials in Nevada—the Silver State—have begun celebrating and profiting from their renewable energy resources. Surpassing California, the state is now the nation’s number one producer of both solar and geothermal power per capita. Nevada owes much of its success to the adoption of a state tax abatement program in 2009 that has generated nearly a 1,000 percent return on the investment. Speaking at the ninth annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval said that the “$734 million in incentives has attracted a return of $7 billion in capital investments, payroll, and taxes paid.” Read more here.

Photo: Former U.S. Senator Harry Reid by Isaac Brekken / Getty Images for National Clean Energy Summit.

About the Author: John J. Berger is an energy and environmental policy specialist who has produced ten books on climate, energy, and natural resources topics.
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