We’re entering PV3.0 and high-efficiency monocrystalline panel dominance

By Wenxue Li, president of LONGI Solar, Solar Power World

PV3.0 will be marked by a return to the high-yielding and reliable monocrystalline cell technology. Due to the higher efficiency associated with monocrystalline modules, developers can also pack the same amount of generating power into a smaller footprint. This translates into cost savings during project development, as high-quality modules allow for less labor, fewer materials and much less overall maintenance. There is also less degradation associated with monocrystalline technology, ensuring the longevity of projects and savings from delaying system replacements. Read more here.

About the author: Since assuming leadership of LONGi Solar, Mr. Wenxue has overseen the company’s rapid growth and expansion, and made great contributions to upgrading corporate management and improving production efficiency and worker productivity. In the past year, LONGI has become one of the fastest growing PV manufacturers in the world, in addition to being named a tier one manufacturer by Bloomberg and appearing as the only new energy company on Goldman Sach’s ‘Nifty 50’ list of Chinese companies.


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