She’s building what’s believed to be Nebraska’s 1st earthship, a unique style of home that ‘attracts a certain type of person’

By Chris Peters, Omaha World-Herald

“The whole idea is you’re off-grid, you’re completely sustainable, you have your own water, you grow your own food,” said Cathy Krueger, the owner. “It attracts a certain type of person.”

The earthship concept was created in the 1970s by architect Mike Reynolds in New Mexico. “Gunsmoke” actor Dennis Weaver, a noted environmentalist, built one in the ’80s.
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Photo: Cathy Krueger’s earthship home is believed to be the first in Nebraska. Earthships rely on the sun and cool air from the ground to maintain temperaratures around 70 degrees. They also collect rainwater and generate energy with solar panels.  Credit:  Brendan Sullivan / The World-Herald