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NPPD asks for comments on its 2018 power plans

By Nick Stevenson, Nebraska Radio Network Contributor

“The U.S. electric industry is changing rapidly. The environmental and regulatory landscape with the government has changed quite a bit. The other thing, too, we’ve signed new wholesale power contracts with our customers and many of them are putting up their own renewable energy projects.” – Mark Becker, NPPD’s corporate media supervisor


M&M’s Launches Fans Of Wind Energy Campaign To Inform Consumers About Renewable Energy

 By Joshua S. Hill, CleanTechnica

One of the world’s favorite candy companies, M&M’s, has launched a new campaign called Fans of Wind energy in an effort to inform consumers of the value of renewable energy and its importance in counteracting climate change.

“People sure do love M&M’s,” says the company on the front page of its new Fans of Wind campaign page. “That’s why we make a ton of ‘em. But we’re not just about making treats that everyone loves — we want to make them in a way that is sustainable and treats the planet better. Guess that’s what makes us such big fans of renewable wind energy.” Read more here.


Save Our Monarchs teaming up with NPPD to continue planting seedlings to help species

NPPD News Release

Columbus, Neb. –  Nearly two years ago the Save Our Monarchs Foundation and Nebraska Public Power District teamed up on a project to enhance the declining population of the endangered Monarch butterfly. NPPD provided 50 acres of land near its Beatrice Power Station to raise milkweeds and other native flowering plants in an effort to help that population grow.

With the support from a recent financial grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, the Save Our Monarchs Foundation (SOM) is working with NPPD to utilize three new locations this year. From Sept. 16-19 SOM will be planting several hundred native milkweed and other wildflowers provided by the Prairie Plains Resource Institute on land adjoining Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville, Neb. Continue reading.

Contact for Save Our Monarchs Foundation: Randall Gilbert 402-646-9025 or via email at

Save Our Monarchs Foundation Website

Prairie Plains Resource Institute Website

Monarch butterfly population to get boost from seeding project at Beatrice Power Station

Economic reality sets in for energy company trying to build new coal plant in Kansas: Coal can’t compete with cheap clean energy

Joe Smyth, Think Progress

Windy states like Kansas are particularly well situated to benefit from the declining costs of wind energy. A March report from Moody’s Investors Service found that in the 15 states with the best wind resources, new wind generation now costs significantly less than existing coal-fired power plants. Kansas is among those windy states, along with the four states where Tri-State sells electricity: Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Read more here.

OTOC officially endorses the Carbon Fee and Dividend plan in response to climate change

OTOC’s Environmental Sustainability Action Team (ESAT) is committed to educating and promoting solutions to climate change. At the September 11, 2017 OTOC Steering Committee Meeting, ESAT presented the Citizens’ Climate Lobby plan for reducing CO2 emissions. It is a plan for federal legislation termed Carbon Fee and Dividend.  The Steering Committee came to a consensus to endorse the plan as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and their harmful effect on the climate.

As a method of transitioning consumers away from carbon fossil fuels and toward sustainable energy sources, the Carbon Fee and Dividend plan puts a fee on fossil fuels at their source, i.e., mine, well or port. The fees will then be passed on to the consumers of products that fossil fuels affect. 

The collected fees will be divided equally and a monthly dividend will be sent to each household in the country. Thus, households that have spent less on fossil fuel products will receive the same dividend as those households that have spent more on these fossil fuels.  Household members may spend the dividend in any manner. This is a market based approach to move our economy away from a reliance on carbon based fossil fuels and towards renewable and cleaner energies.

ESAT wants to help educate our community and has training materials prepared, so if your church or institution would like to learn more about the Carbon Fee and Dividend Plan, contact Mary Ruth Stegman at

Endorsement Statement.

Also visit the Citizens’ Climate Lobby website to learn more about their campaign.

Nebraska CCL Chapters

Representative Jeff Fortenberry receives Golden Triangle Award from Farmers Union

Nebraska Farmers Union,1011 NOW

The Golden Triangle, first presented in 1988, symbolizes the core principles of the Farmers Union: education, cooperation, and legislation.

“We appreciate Representative Fortenberry’s continued leadership on renewable energy, conservation, rural development, and a wide range family farm and ranch issues that support farm and ranch families and their rural communities,” said NeFU President John Hansen.

Read the entire press release here. 


Public Power Executives to be Featured Lunch Speakers

Top executives of Nebraska’s three largest public power utilities will be the luncheon speakers on Monday, November 13, at the Nebraska Wind and Solar Conference.

Tim Burke, CEO of Omaha Public Power District, Pat Pope, CEO of Nebraska Public Power District, and Jason Fortik, Vice President of Power Supply at Lincoln Electric System will provide insight into the state of public power in Nebraska.

“The presentation by public power executives is always one of the most well-attended sessions. The panel provides a wealth of information on the current state of renewables in the public sector and the role they will play in the future growth of Nebraska’s public energy.” – John Hansen, Conference Co-Chair

The conference is a two-day event that brings together people from across the country united by their passion for advancing wind and solar energy.

Registration is $125 until October 15. Student registration is $65.
Hotel Room Block closes October 16.

Nebraska Wind & Solar Conference Website:

Gothenburg solar array to be completed next month

The Gothenburg Times

Back in June, the Gothenburg City Council voted to add another 500 kilowatts in 2018 to the city’s solar project, which the council had approved a few months before. The initial phase of that project is now well underway and expected to be completed by late October.

Continue reading.

Photo: The posts are in the ground and the solar panels will soon be added for Phase 1 of the city’s solar project in southwest Gothenburg. Credit: GenPro Energy Solutions

Illinois Vogler Motor Company goes green with solar energy

By Marilyn Halstead, Southern Illinoisan

Vogler Motor Company is nearing completion of a $1 million solar project at its seven businesses throughout Southern Illinois. Dennis Rathjen, owner of Vogler, said the project is expected to pay for itself within five years. “Green energy is a big deal to a lot of people,” Dennis Rathjen said. “Going green makes sense and dollars and cents. In addition to saving money on power, the project will pay for itself.” Read more here.

Photo by Vogler Motor Company: The roof of Vogler Ford in Carbondale is home to more than 700 solar panels. The entire project includes approximately 1,650 solar panels.


New Windy Cities Award will honor city leadership in growing wind

By Alexander Laska, Into the Wind, AWEA News Blog

Every year, AWEA presents industry awards to recognize individuals and companies that have demonstrated excellence in advancing the wind industry. The annual awards program recognizes those leaders, at all levels and areas of the industry, who have shown passion and a clear vision for wind energy.

This year, AWEA is launching a new award to recognize cities that have demonstrated that same support and dedication. The AWEA Windy Cities Award will be given annually to one city or municipal utility that has demonstrated a clear commitment to growing the wind industry – by making a wind purchase that year, announcing plans to procure wind energy, or through some other tangible action. Continue reading here.

500 cities have committed to going big on clean energy this year – now what?