Wind power costs could drop 50%. Solar PV could provide up to 50% of global power. Damn.

New reports suggest a renewables revolution is imminent.

By David Roberts, Vox

Solar and wind energy have been underestimated by analysts and politicians again and again and again. They have gotten cheaper and scaled up faster than even the most optimistic forecasts of a decade ago, or even a few years ago.

And there’s good evidence we’re still underestimating them. In fact, two new reports — one on solar, one on wind — make the point vividly. They argue that the radical trends of the last decade are going to continue, which is all that needs to happen for the energy system to tip over from disruption into revolution. Solar is going to play a much bigger role than most models predict. So far, official predictions have fallen woefully short of the rise of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy: Continue reading.


Electrification Alone Will Save 42 Percent Of World Energy Demand,
Stanford Prof Says

By Jeff McMahon, Contributor, Forbes

If humans can kick fossil-fuels, they will benefit from massive efficiency increases in every sector—a net savings of 42 percent of world energy use that will both derive from and ease the transition to clean energy, a Stanford University professor says in a video released this week.

“We find that by electrifying everything in these countries and by providing that electricity with clean renewable energy, power demand goes down about 42 percent without really changing much habit,” says [Mark Z. Jacobsen], a professor of civil and environmental engineering and director of Stanford’s Atmosphere/Energy Program. For example: Continue reading.

Top Image Credit: Shutterstock. Second Photo: Professor Jacobsen