Judge: XL foes can’t testify about safety, necessity

By Paul Hammel, Omaha World-Herald

LINCOLN — Pipeline developer TransCanada has won a ruling that bars Nebraska landowners and others who oppose its Keystone XL project from testifying about potential oil leaks and whether the pipeline is needed . . . Former Lancaster County District Judge Karen Flowers, who was hired to conduct next week’s hearings over the proposed Keystone XL, ruled that issues such as safety, necessity of the pipeline and whether the U.S. needs the Canadian oil are beyond the purview of the state’s review. She issued more than 30 rulings, based on objections filed by TransCanada, about what testimony would and would not be allowed at next week’s hearings over the Keystone XL’s 275-mile route across the state. Read more here, including statements by Jane Kleeb, founder of Bold Nebraska, now Bold Alliance.


Meet Jane Kleeb: Nebraska’s Boldest Keystone XL Pipeline Fighter, EcoWatch

As the founder of Bold Nebraska, which has since grown into the multistate Bold Alliance, Kleeb has successfully united Republicans and Democrats, ranchers and native tribes, country folk and city dwellers to battle the oil company’s attempts to push its project through. And while the U.S. State Department’s March 24 announcement that it was reauthorizing the project certainly dealt a blow to their common cause, the diverse group is not backing down.

  • Skeptics in oil industry question whether Keystone XL pipeline is still needed, by Paul Hammel, Omaha World-Herald
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Top Photo: Keystone XL Public Hearing in Omaha at the Ralston Arena on July 26th.
Credit: Bold Nebraska