Farms, Ranches incorporate Small-Scale Solar Projects

By Ariana Brocious, NET News

In these hot days of summer, it’s easy to appreciate just how much sunlight we get in Nebraska. A growing number of people and communities across the state are starting to take advantage of this resource. “2016 was, in total, a very significant year,” said David Bracht of the Nebraska Energy Office. In the last 18 months, Nebraska’s total solar power generation has grown from around one megawatt to around 13 megawatts. While that’s a big increase, we’re still talking fairly small potatoes when it comes to energy. Continue reading.

Solar installation at Jim Jenkins’ ranch near Callaway, Nebraska. Photo courtesy of Jim Jenkins and Nebraska Energy Office


Ben Gotschall of Davey Road Ranch will be installing an 8.8-kilowatt solar project in a few weeks.

Photo by Ariana Brocious, NET News


Check out other Nebraskans who are benefiting from using solar energy in their farm operations by clicking on Solar Examples on the menu bar at the top of this page.

Opportunity to meet Nebraska solar installers:
Solar Energy Workshop Hosted by Community Crops August 5th at the Eiseley Branch Library in Lincoln

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