Good energy policy is good people policy

By Erica Mackie and Adam Browning, Opinion Contributors, The Hill

In 2014, two families of the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians in rural California installed rooftop solar panels to stem rising energy bills that were straining their already tight budgets.

Now, three years later, thanks to California’s innovative low-income solar incentive program, the tribe is well on its way to meeting a goal of 100 percent solar energy for the reservation’s 50 homes, including 12 that never had power at all. The tribal community has also built their own solar company, generating steady income in a community that suffered from an 80 percent unemployment rate in 2014. Continue reading.

Photo: Thinkstock

Erica Mackie is co-founder and CEO of GRID Alternatives, America’s largest nonprofit solar installer.
Adam Browning is executive director of Vote Solar, a nonprofit working to expand solar energy nationwide.