Explorer spotlights climate change, renewable energy

By Kristine Goodrich, Mankato Free Press

As they skied and snowshoed along an ancient route across Iceland, explorer Aaron Doering and his team braved robust winds and historically deep snow. Over 3,000 classrooms across the globe followed their journey online as they documented their adventures in real time. Doering, a native of rural Good Thunder, recently returned from his 10th exploration in the Arctic. It was the second trip in the University of Minnesota professor’s Changing Earth series, which he says aim to highlight ways people across the globe are dealing with climate change. “We’re trying to build a tapestry of narratives around the world of people adapting to the changing world,” Doering said. Continue reading. 

The Changing Earth Project

Photo: A four-member expedition team that went to Iceland – including Good Thunder native Aaron Doering – spent most nights in a tent. Credit: Learning Technologies Media Lab