Kearney officially signs on $11M solar array project

By Mike Konz, Kearney Hub Managing Editor

According to Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse, going solar would add just $4.29 per month to electrical costs for an average home that consumes 962-kilowatt hours per month.

KEARNEY — Stan Clouse said Wednesday he’s ready to go green at home by signing up for solar-generated electricity, and he’s betting many of Kearney’s residential, commercial and institutional energy consumers also will want to do the same when Nebraska’s largest solar energy array is online in the fall . . . Tim Polz of SoCore Energy worked with the city and NPPD on the Kearney project. He anticipates construction will begin in late March and conclude before September. SoCore operates solar projects in 17 states, including Kansas, and is developing other projects in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota.  Read more here.

Photo Credit: SoCore

Agreements signed in $11M solar project; Xpanxion announces official tech park plans, Kearney Hub. Posted February 3, 2017