Solar panels pop up in Northfield

By Philip Weyhe, Northfield News

Northfield has a new way of contributing to renewable energy, as solar panels have risen from the ground on St. Olaf land in the northwest corner of the city. The panels, which are on land leased by St. Olaf, make up five community solar gardens, as defined by Xcel Energy, and in all, produce 5 megawatts (5,000 kilowatts) of power. The site is owned and operated by BHE Renewables, which purchased it from the original developer, Geronimo Energy. Read more.

Photo: Newly built solar gardens on St. Olaf land. The site is leased by Berkshire Hathaway Energy (BHE), which owns and operates the gardens. The company said subscriptions to the gardens are 100 percent filled. Credit: Philip Weyhe / Northfield News