How NRG is Tapping Into the State-by-State Community Solar Market

The company navigates Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, and states beyond. Written by Jeff St. John, Greentech Media

Last year, NRG Energy announced its intentions to develop 100 megawatts of community solar projects, staking a big claim to the nascent market — or in the United States, 50 markets. That’s because the value of community solar means something very different, depending on the state you’re in.


While 24 states have at least one community solar project online, and 20 states are in the process of enacting community solar, only a handful — Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and California — are responsible for the vast majority of growth in the sector. In each of these states, the rules and opportunities are quite different. Read more.

Minnesota’s community solar statute allows both residential and commercial customers to subscribe to the same community solar programs.