Taking Self-Contained Solar Electricity to Farms

By Glenn Meyers, CleanTechnica


Dolf Ivener, founder of Sioux City, Iowa-based Hog Power Energy, is now plenty busy marketing his company’s Self-Contained Solar Generator (SCSG) to hog farmers . . . According to Ivener, the industry is sizable: 70,000 hog confinements exist nationwide, each one consuming 24,000 kw of electricity annually at a $184,000,000 price tag, averaging more than $2,600 annually. Add to this calculation, the cost of a generator averages $10,000, a machine which needs to be replaced within 10-15 years, plus maintenance. The hog industry has spent over $1,200,000,000 for new and replacement generators, which provide no energy savings. This is where Ivener has created a viable niche in the agricultural marketplace selling photovoltaic electricity. Read more.

Photo: Dolf Ivener, CEO of Hog Power Energy