Co-ops Prominent on Solar Energy Top 10 List

By Steven Johnson, Electric Co-op Today
AEE Institute Residential Solar Energy System

Electric cooperatives are major contributors to a surge of solar energy additions in the United States, according to an industry study. A trio of co-ops ranks among the top 10 utilities in cumulative solar watts per customer, the Smart Electric Power Alliance said in its 2015 Utility Solar Market Snapshot. Click here to continue reading.

Photo: An industry association says solar energy capacity continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Credit: PRNewsFoto / AEE Institute

Renewable energy may be option for Nebraska’s rural electric co-ops, Nebraska Radio Network

David BrachtSome rural electric co-ops in the state are exploring renewable energy, which could help them reduce costs in months when power demand peaks. Just 10% of power in Nebraska comes from renewable sources like wind and hydroelectricity. Nebraska Energy Office Director David Bracht says a tiny part of that comes from solar, but declining costs are changing that. Bracht says, “According to a Renewable Energy Industry study, there has been about an 80% cost decline in the last six years and as that solar cost has declined, now it’s much more competitive.”