Solar cars pit stop in Fremont

By John Liesveld, Fremont Tribune

solar car stop - Fremont

Photo: Members of the Shine Runners solar car team gather around the “Bahama Blue” in the Fremont Walmart parking lot for a public showing (and education). The second team making the trip is the Liberty Christian Solar Car Team, and their car is called the “Solis Bellator” (Warrior of the Sun). Credit: John Liesveld, Fremont Tribune

Part of a national STEM initiative (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the Solar Car Challenge seeds young minds through education and hands on experience as they embark on a year-long quest to design and build working, road-worthy solar cars capable of traversing the long cross-country trip . . . [The] Fremont Tribune will have a short update in Tuesday’s edition to inform how both teams finished the race. Read the entire story here.