Cherry County Commission votes against permit for wind farm

By Mary Roberts, KNOP News


The commission voted against a plan by Bluestem Sandhills LLC to erect 30 windmills over several thousand acres. Critics have cited concerns about the wind farm’s effect on the environment . . . “I’m a fourth generation rancher myself. My family has been here for a number of years,” David Hamilton, vice president of Cherry County Wind, LLC., said. “You just look at some of the development areas where wind energy has been developed, like in the Broken Bow area. None of the things [protesters] are proposing will happen are occurring.” Read more here.

Photo: Wind-farm turbine near the small, centrally-located city of Broken Bow. Credit: Caroline Jezierski

According to the KNOP news story, the Bluestem Sandhills project would add $108 million to Cherry County’s tax base. This would be a major economic boost, especially at a time when Midwest rural economies continue to decline, as reported in today’s Omaha World-Herald:
Rural economy continues to weaken

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