From kick returns to solar panels: Tim Dwight’s life as solar energy advocate

Former NFL player Tim Dwight is currently the President of the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association.

By Melissa Jacobs, Sports Illustrated


Former athletes frequently invest in businesses, oftentimes carrying a portfolio that cascades industries and can be seen as vanity projects. By fully dedicating himself to solar energy, Dwight took a road far less traveled. In 1998 he moved to California to help Integrated Power Corp. build upon its track record of successful solar projects. One standout example is a new solar array atop the consolidated car rental facility at San Jose’s Mineta Airport, which provides 20% of its power, reducing fossil fuels. Dwight notes the added benefit of solar in a seismic area like San Jose—you get power faster after a natural disaster, as well as cleaner water.The growth and success of solar power in California and other states inspired Dwight to spread it to his home state of Iowa. He moved back in 2011 and now splits his time 50/50 between Iowa and California. Click here to read more.

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Dwight