Getting to net zero: Organizations are looking beyond lightbulbs to smart energy technology

UCSD microgrid

By Robert Walton, Utility Dive

That interest in energy efficiency is growing rapidly is not surprising, as organizations seek to reduce their carbon footprint while lowering costs. But the story has moved beyond simple improvements like lighting retrofits, with more companies showing an interest in generating all of their energy and installing microgrids for the best available resiliency. Continue reading 

Photo: University of California San Diego microgrid. Credit: UCSD

Municipal Solar and Microgrids: A PV Market, Renewable Energy World
Whether driven by the desire to be more disaster-proof or just to save money, municipalities are turning to the promise of solar PV and microgrids all over the world.

Work to Begin on $2.1 Million Microgrid Research and Testing Facility, St. Thomas Newsroom
Professor Greg Mowry, a St. Thomas School of Engineering faculty member who has extensive experience with microgrid power systems, will oversee the center’s operation. He said the new center will be able to conduct research and test distributed energy resources such as fuel cell, solar, wind, biodiesel and battery applications.“The center will offer tremendous flexibility and will be among the most comprehensive microgrid testing facilities in the central region of the country.”