The Intertribal Council On Utility Policy: Tribes Building Sustainable Homeland Economies

Debbie Sandia Tribal SolarFrom the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy’s Home Page
Up to ninety cents of every dollar the Tribes spend on energy leaves immediately- lost forever to all of the economic leverage and benefits this money could create within tribal communities. Reservations deeply need to preserve their scarce financial assets, and having these disappear to distant corporations and foreign lands due to poorly insulated buildings presents a major energy and fund wasting problem.

Intertribal COUP and partners are working to convert these energy problems into solid opportunities to build tribal energy independence and greater economic strength. Our solutions include creating new energy efficient structures made from local straw bale construction materials and built by Tribal College faculty and students through a ‘Train the Trainer’ program teaching specific straw bale building skills and techniques.

Intertribal COUP is also building capacity for energy audits and retro-fits of structures that waste energy and deplete community assets.

To learn more about ICOUP and DOE’s Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs, visit:
Intertribal Council on Utility Policy (ICOUP)
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs 

YouTube Video: Investing in Tribal Success: DOE’s Tribal Energy Deployment Program
U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs: Strengthening Tribal Communities, Sustaining Future Generations (PDF)

Christopher Clark Deschene
“Within every challenge lie the seeds of opportunity, and I believe tribes are well-positioned to cultivate those seeds through visionary leadership and strategic energy planning.”
– Christopher Clark Deschene, Director, U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy

Ho-Chunk, Incorporated’s initiative in Winnebago, Nebraska provides an excellent example of tribal renewable energy development in our state.
Ho-Chunk Inc
Nebraska’s first tracking solar system and now one of a growing number of solar installations throughout the innovative and award-winning Ho-Chunk Village – Winnebago, Nebraska.
From Ho-Chunk, Inc’s Green Energy Program Description: “Because of our Native heritage, we have a commitment to conserve and protect our natural resources for future generations. That traditional belief is coupled with cutting edge technology to create renewable energy sources on the Winnebago reservation.”
Ho-Chunk, Inc.’s Green Energy Initiative 
Ho-Chunk Village Tour 
2014 Ho-Chunk Inc. Story Video 

lancemorganLance Morgan is President and Chief Executive Officer of Ho-Chunk, Incorporated. He launched Ho-Chunk, Inc. in 1994 as the economic development corporation for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.  During his association with Ho-Chunk, Inc. he has directed the development of 30 subsidiaries with operations throughout the United States and in five foreign countries.

Source: Corporate Management, Ho-Chunk, Inc.