Nebraska Eases Wind Power Regulations, Some Landowners Have Concerns

NET : wind turbineBy Ariana Brocious, Nebraska Public Radio (NPR) / PBS

The Nebraska Legislature recently passed a bill to ease regulations for wind power.  The change could affect wind energy in the state, but there are still other factors challenging renewable energy projects.

For years Nebraska wind energy proponents have lamented the fact that the state lags so far behind its neighbors in producing wind power. Kansas and Iowa have installed four to five times the amount of wind energy capacity as Nebraska—even though Nebraska is consistently ranked among the top states for wind power potential. A new law seeks to change that.

“It’s really a reduction of paperwork,” said Rich Lombardi, a lobbyist with the Wind Coalition, which represents wind developers and trade groups. Read or listen to the entire story here.

Top Photo Credit: Ariana Brocious, NET News