Solar energy included in NRD-directed summer camp activities

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NRD-directed summer camp aimed at students in grades 6-8, written by Dennis Buckley, Lincoln Journal Star City Sports Editor

The four-day, three-night camp involves the assistance and planning of all 23 of Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts, including the Lower Platte South NRD in Lincoln. “This is a great opportunity for middle school campers to learn about the environment,” said Environmental Education Assistant Adam Sutton at the Lower Platte South NRD Office . . . Sutton said camp activities will be centered on topics such as forestry, solar energy, wetlands (a session which Sutton will lead), soils, water, and wildlife. “There will also be typical fun camp activities such as archery, fishing, and zip line, said Sutton. Click here to read more about the camp.

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There are many solar energy projects and activities for teachers, parents and students at Nebraska Solar Schools’ website: