“Solar Spring Break” Connects Students With Clean Power In Underserved Communities

By Glenn Meyers, CleanTechnica

All-women engineering team from UNR Oroville, California, Solar Spring Break 2015

All-women engineering team from UNR – Oroville, California 2015

In the 2016 “Solar Spring Break,” over 100 students from 10 US colleges will be taking on the task of installing rooftop solar for low-income families, and learning as they work.

The program runs through March 25. Students will connect with clean energy at Solar Spring Break — an alternative spring break program hosted by GRID Alternatives.

Teams of 10–12 students will travel to different sites in California and Colorado, where they will spend a week learning about solar array design, installing rooftop residential systems, and meeting with solar industry employers. Most participating students have taken solar or sustainability courses and tentatively expect to join the clean energy industry upon graduation.

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