Utilities want to make money at the edge of the grid, but how?

Utility Dive’s third annual survey of electric utilities shows utilities are looking to
everage new revenue streams

By Robert Walton, Utility Dive

Click image to download survey.

Click image to download survey.

The top emerging revenue streams areas represent a pivot away from traditional rate-based business models, and in many ways, is an embrace of factors which were supposed to contribute to a “death spiral” for utilities. Energy efficiency and demand management services topped the list of emerging revenue streams, with 66% of respondents saying they are pursuing new money-making opportunities in that sector. Community solar and electric vehicle charging infrastructure came in second and third, each noted by more than half of respondents. When you add in distributed storage (40%) and residential rooftop solar (36%), the list of new revenue streams utilities are pursuing looks a lot like the factors once thought to signal their
demise . . . “Solar in general, and community solar in particular, is a hot topic,” said Navigant Senior Analyst Brett Feldman. “That is developing with or without the utilities, so they might as well get a piece of the action and have more control over it.”

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