Largest Minnesota solar array wins approval from utility regulators

Source: Minnesota Public Utilities Commmission / Ray Grumney, Star Tribune

Source: Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

By David Shaffer, Star Tribune

It is by far the biggest in a wave of large, ground-mounted solar arrays that energy companies are planning to build across Minnesota in the next few years . . . The Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group, is projecting a 30-fold increase in the state’s solar generating capacity by the end of 2017. Hundreds of large shared-solar projects are planned in rural areas and on the urban fringe, including Wright, Dakota and Washington counties, mostly to serve customers of Xcel, the state’s largest power company. Read the entire story here.

Wizards of Waverly Place Big Bet On Solar Power, by Mike Mullen, City Pages.Com
The city located around 40 miles west of Minneapolis expects to get 100 percent of its energy from the solar garden . . . Waverly signed a 25-year contract to get its municipal energy needs met by the solar project, and [Mayor] Holmes estimates it will save about $400,000 over that time. Other consumers in town took to the idea, too: The garden “plots” quickly sold out, with 80 percent of the subscriptions snatched up by individuals, and the remainder going to the city and commercial businesses.

Community Solar’ Catching In Wisconsin,
by Chuck Quirmbach, Wisconsin Public Radio
Many renters and homeowners in the state don’t live in houses where it’s easy to add solar panels. But according to the group RENEW Wisconsin, last year five Wisconsin utilities added centrally located solar farms and let community members subscribe to the electricity.