On the Circuit: Column by Mary Harding

Published in the Fremont Tribune

Initially elected to the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) Board of Directors in 2002, Mary Harding is now serving her third term.

At Nebraska Public Power District, we take serious pride in serving Nebraskans. Company loyalty runs deep . . . But Nebraska has a number of outstanding utilities, and I consider Lincoln Electric System (LES) to be a leader in several ways. Their focus on the future is exemplary. Reliable, efficient systems aren’t built overnight, and utilities are notorious for moving at glacial speed. But LES is taking steady, measured steps to assure the long-term health of their system, from the perspectives of managing both rates and environmental impact. (By contrast, I believe utilities that have failed to take advantage of recent record low pricing for renewable energy will look back with regret at opportunities lost. I would be happy to be proved wrong by history on this count someday.)

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