Can batteries replace coal plants?

by Julie Wernau, Chicago Tribune

“ . . . Today, there are about 270 distributed energy storage projects across the United States with a combined capacity of 212 megawatts, according to Green Tech Media Research.

But now the industry is expected to surge, in part as a result of a ruling by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that increased the pay for “fast”-responding energy sources like batteries.

A report recently released by Navigant Research predicts that global energy storage is expected to grow dramatically over the next decade, from 538 megawatts this year to 20.8 gigawatts. A gigawatt can power about 1 million homes.”

Wernau’s article features three battery storage projects near Chicago that Commonwealth Edison plans to connect to its grid next spring. With 60 megawatts of capacity, it will be the largest-ever distributed energy storage project in North America: