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The Solar Foundation Has Released the National Solar Jobs Census 2013

The following excerpt is from the 61-page report:


As of November 2013, the solar industry has grown to 142,698 solar workers. This is an increase of almost 20% over our Census 2012 findings, and represents a growth rate that is ten times faster than what the overall U.S. economy experienced during that same time period. Over the next 12 months, nearly 45% of solar establishments expect to add jobs, while fewer than 1.9% expect to cut workers, yielding an expected 15.6% growth in employment. This finding is especially relevant given that employment in the overall U.S economy is projected to grow by only 1.4% over the next 12 months.


Click on the link below to read the full report:


Fact Sheet:


Today is National “Shout Out For Solar Day!”

The Solar Energy Industries Association  (SEIA) is celebrating its 40th anniversary this week with a worldwide “Shout Out For Solar Day” to raise awareness and to celebrate all that America’s 120,000 workers in the solar industry have accomplished.  Today, solar is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, with an estimated 13 gigawatts (GW) of installed solar capacity. Our nation has now joined Germany, China, and Japan as global leaders in the installation of new solar capacity.

Nebraskans for Solar Inc is giving a “shout out” to our local community by donating a copy of the bestselling, internet-linked book, Solar Electricity Handbook, 2014 Edition to the W. Dale Clark Main Library. To learn more about the book, read the first four chapters of the 2013 edition, or to check out the online calculators, tools, and resources, visit:

Our website also provides many free resources you can explore and share with your family and friends today and all year-round. Here are seven things you can do to learn more about solar and other sources of renewable energy:

Read facts about renewable energy at Energy Facts.Org.  How often have you heard the claim, “Clean and renewable energy is too expensive?” Click on this link to get the facts:

Watch the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Power Basics video to learn how solar energy works:

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about solar energy at this web link:

Read about the nearly 400 professional women who are working in clean energy and sustainability and what you can do to support the women in your own community:

Read the free PDF, Powering Forward to learn what President Obama can do in the remainder of his administration to develop our nation’s renewable energy potential.  Over 100 CEOs, CFO’s, academics, researchers, NGOs and government leaders have contributed 200 specific ways the current administration can move America forward to a clean energy economy, and they don’t require congressional action:—-CNEE_Powering-Forward_Full-Report.pdf

Share these renewable energy websites with kids, created just for them:
Energy Kids – U.S. Energy Information Administration
Energy Quest
Energy Star Kids

Check out and share interesting statistics about solar schools at this website:


Welcome New NFS Board Members

At the beginning of January 2014, Nebraskans for Solar added six new members  to its Board of Directors.  We wish to welcome Blake Johnson, Eric Williams, Erin Cheese, Gus von Roenn, John Dixon, and Syed Ali.  These persons bring backgrounds and interests that increase the breadth and depth of our Board, as clicking on the About Us tab and selecting Board of Directors makes clear.  We appreciate their passion for energy conservation and renewable energy as well as their willingness to serve.

We have also created an Advisory Board and wish to welcome its first three members, as well: Alec Gorynski, Randy Schantell, and Robert Byrnes.   Their particular areas of expertise are also to be found on the Board of Directors page.  Our Board of Directors is indeed grateful for their willingness to assist us.

The dawning of 2014 also brought a new slate of Nebraskans for Solar officers.  They are:  David Corbin, President-Elect, Ken Deffenbacher, President, and Leo Arens, Past President.