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Final Version of Tax Bill Keeps ITC Intact, Allowing for Strong Solar Growth to Continue

Solar Energy Industries Association Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – [Friday], following aggressive advocacy efforts by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) to ensure the continued growth of the U.S. solar industry, Congress reached an agreement on comprehensive tax reform legislation. Following is a statement from Abigail Ross Hopper, SEIA’s president and CEO:

“After weeks of negotiations, the final tax legislation released today maintains the solar Investment Tax Credits (ITC) for both commercial developers and for homeowners in its current form. This is a great victory for the solar industry and its 260,000 American workers and we commend our bipartisan solar champions in Congress for their diligent efforts to maintain solar’s critical role in America’s economy.

“As an industry, we are pleased that the final version of tax reform legislation protects the Investment Tax Credit, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on our promise of affordable, reliable American energy.”

Press Release.

U.S. renewable energy industry relieved as Republicans keep tax credits, Reuters
The final tax bill retains the production and investment tax credits for wind and solar energy that have spurred investment in the fast-growth industries. It also eliminates the alternative minimum tax, which would have reduced the value of those credits.

How Owning a Solar System Impacts My Home Value: A Guide to Valuing Residential Solar Energy Systems

By The Solar Energy Industries Association

Whether purchasing a house with a solar system on the roof or looking to install a new system on your home, many homeowners are faced with the dilemma of trying to understand how to properly determine the value of that system, both for themselves as well as any future owner of their property. This guide seeks to educate homeowners on the various methodologies professionals use to value a solar system, some of the key drivers impacting that valuation, and tools and information to help ensure they receive an accurate value estimate when buying or selling a solar system. Download the guide here.

Photo: Bob & Gina’s home in Lincoln from Solar Examples.

Ask a Vet: Pursuing your passions with SEIA’s Abigail Ross Hopper

By Kathie Zipp, Solar Power World Interview

This month’s veteran is Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of SEIA. As you probably know, Hopper came on board in her new position at the beginning of 2017; but you may not know that her background in energy goes back much further.

Read an excerpt from it or listen to the complete  interview HERE.

U.S. Solar Market Adds 2.4 GW in Q2, Largest Second Quarter Ever

Media Release: Solar Energy Industries Association & Greentech Media Research

BOSTON, Mass. and WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. solar market continued its years-long expansion in the second quarter of 2017 as the industry installed 2,387 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaics (PV), the largest total in a second quarter to date. This tops Q1’s total and represents an 8 percent year-over-year gain, GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) said in the latest U.S. Solar Market Insight Report.

Read the Entire Release & Download the Free Executive Summary HERE.

National Business Groups Send U.S. Dept. of Energy Analyses Showing Diverse Energy Sources Protect Electric Reliability

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today four national business groups representing the range of advanced and renewable energy companies in the United States submitted materials to U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry to inform the energy market study he called for last month. The four groups developed separate analyses, based on existing sources and industry experience, showing that changing energy sources – more use of natural gas, renewable energy, and energy management sources in addition to resources like coal and nuclear power – far from threatening electric system reliability, increase it in important ways while saving consumers money . . . The four industry organizations submitted separate documents to inform the DOE in its study of the electric power system and reliability:

Read the entire news release here.

Solar Will Dominate Globally. Let’s Make Sure the US Industry Profits From It

By Nat Kreamer, outgoing board of directors chair at the Solar Energy
Industries Association. He’s also the CEO of Spruce Financing.
Posted on Greentech Media.

Since 2013, I have had the honor of leading the SEIA board of directors as its chairman and vice chairman, working with many members from all sectors of our industry to win critical policy fights and shape the future for solar and the technologies that complement it. Thank you to the board, the SEIA team and member companies for working together to make solar stronger. Next month marks the planned completion of my time as chairman, following a successful CEO selection and on-boarding of Abby Hopper, who is an outstanding leader for the SEIA team. Tom Starrs, vice chairman, dear friend and partner in leading the board, will become the acting chairman. Based on what I have learned over the last four years, please accept these recommendations for the future . . . Continue reading. 

Here Comes the Sun

By Charles W. Thurston, American Planning Association Magazine, March 2017

The Solar Energy Industries Association, based in Washington, D.C., notes that the U.S. generated over 300 megawatts of community solar power in 2016, following an initial boom in 2010. By 2020, that figure could shoot up to 1.8 gigawatts, six times the current generation capacity. One firm, GTM Research, reckons that New York State alone has a 1.8 GW community solar pipeline. Such growth could shift community solar’s share of cumulative U.S. solar installations from less than one percent today to nearly five percent in just three years.

If that growth occurs, community solar could catch up to the installation rates of residential rooftop solar. Continue reading.

Photo credit: NRG Community Solar
Project: The Spencer Community Farm at St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, Massachusetts
How It Works: Subscribers entered into a 20-year agreement with NRG Community Solar. In return for a fixed monthly payment, they earn credits toward their electric bill based on their allocation of renewable energy net metering credits generated by the project.
Funding: Subscribers

US Solar Market Grows 95% in 2016, Smashes Records

By Mike Munsell, Greentech Media

FIGURE: U.S. Solar PV Installations, 2010-2016

Source: GTM Research / SEIA U.S. Solar Market Insight report

In its biggest year to date, the United States solar market nearly doubled its annual record, topping out at 14,626 megawatts of solar PV installed in 2016. This represents a 95 percent increase over the previous record of 7,493 megawatts installed in 2015. GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) previewed this data in advance of their upcoming U.S. Solar Market Insight report, set to be released on March 9. Continue reading.

Download Free Executive Summary Here.

U.S. Solar Surged 95% to Become Largest Source of New Energy, Bloomberg

The U.S. saw a record-shattering 4.1 gigawatts of PV installed in Q3

According to Greentech Media Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association’s latest U.S. Solar Market Insight report, the U.S. installed 4,143 MWdc of solar PV in Q3 2016, increasing 99% over Q2 2016 and 191% over Q3 2015. This marks the largest quarter ever for the U.S. solar industry.

Download the free Executive Summary here.

With big gains in the Q3, energy storage market set to finish strong in 2016, Utility Dive. Corporate investment for storage hit $660M the last quarter, marking a high point for the industry.

Future Energy Jobs Bill: A Path for Illinois to a Bright Clean Energy Future

By Nick Magrisso, Expert Blog, Natural Resources Defense Council


Last week during the final day of the annual veto session, the Illinois General Assembly passed sweeping clean energy and climate legislation that will pave the way toward a bright future that moves our electric sector toward a more modern, low carbon economy. And now, the Future Energy Jobs bill is on its way to the Governor’s desk where it’s expected to be signed. NRDC is incredibly proud to have worked closely with many, including Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, the Citizens Utility Board, along with environmental justice leaders, faith groups, labor leaders, some of the state’s most influential business leaders and the nearly 200 plus members that belong to the Clean Jobs Coalition on this historic achievement. Read more.

Nick Magrisso is NRDC’s Midwest States Legislative Director, Midwest Program. He focuses mainly on environmental and energy-related policies that affect his home state of Illinois. Magrisso is also NRDC’s lead advocate in Illinois’ capital of Springfield, where he works to advance the organization’s priorities and initiatives. He has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Northeastern Illinois University.

Photo: Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition

Illinois’ New & Improved RPS Means More Solar, Solar Energy Industries Blog
The Environmental Law & Policy Center estimates that this new renewable portfolio standard (RPS) will require more than 2,700 MW of new solar by 2030. This is a large step forward for Illinois, which currently has only 66 MW of installed solar and ranks 27th nationally for total capacity.