Solar Schools

Nebraskans for Solar (NFS) is one of a number of founding organizations of the Nebraska Solar Schools initiative. Additional organizations currently involved in the program include:

Nebraska Green Schools
Nebraska Department of Education
Creighton University, UNL, UNO, Nebraska Community Colleges
Lincoln Public Schools, Omaha Public Schools
Nebraska Energy Office
Nebraska Chapter of USGBC

A major, long-term objective of the Nebraska Solar Schools program will be to bring many more school districts, individual teachers, principals and other school leaders, as well as community groups into the initiative.

Nebraska Solar Schools Basic Guidelines

Public and private schools as well as places like schools such as children’s museums, zoos, nature preserves and science and technology centers, for example, are invited to participate in the Nebraska Solar Schools program.

Purchasing and installing a solar energy system is not a requirement for participation in the Nebraska Solar Schools initiative or for designation as a “solar school.”

Nebraska Solar Schools Current Focus Areas

  • Program Development & Maintenance
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Grants Database
  • Partnerships With Schools & Places Like Schools
  • Website Development
  • Teacher Workshops

Partnership Between Nebraska Solar Schools and Nebraska Green Schools

Nebraska Solar Schools is one of a number of  program partners involved in Nebraska Green Schools, a certification program sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Education.  To achieve certification, students complete investigations through an online course and implement action projects. The 5 areas for student investigation are: Energy, Water, School Site, Waste and Recycling, and Environmental Quality.

Both Nebraska Green Schools and Nebraska Solar Schools programs will launch this fall.

What Nebraskans for Solar Offers Both Programs

  • Collaboration with participating organizations in the Nebraska Solar Schools Initiative on each of the focus areas listed above.
  • Collaboration with Nebraska Green Schools’ partners involved in the program’s “Energy Investigation:” assisting in providing incentives, resources, and expertise.
  • Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a series of educational workshops on solar energy for teachers, students, and the general public.
  • Collaboration on grant writing and reviewing with schools and places like schools.
  • Collaboration on grant writing and reviewing with organizations in the Nebraska Solar Schools and the Nebraska Green Schools programs.
  • Fundraising at Earth Day events and other occasions to purchase National Energy Education Development (NEED) Solar Curriculum Kits for Nebraska Solar Schools.

The Nebraska Solar Schools website will launch by the end of March 2016.