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Nebraskans for Solar is incorporated as a public interest nonprofit, currently governed by a twelve-member Board of Directors.  The Board has three elected officers, President-Elect, President, and Past-President; a Secretary-Treasurer is appointed by the President. All board members are volunteers and split up the work of the organization by selecting project teams on which to serve: Communications, Grants Development/Project Development, and Events.

What Nebraskans for Solar Inc Contributes to Every Solar Project

  1. Nebraskans for Solar (NFS) is a 501(c)(3) public-interest, nonprofit organization.  Our primary goal is to provide photovoltaic installations to Nebraska nonprofit organizations who own their own buildings. Success in this endeavor not only promotes the use of clean, renewable energy for electricity generation but also reduces the nonprofit’s electric bills through the use of net metering.  NFS’s Grants and Project Development Team, performs an initial site evaluation concerning a building’s suitability for a photovoltaic installation.  Should the building prove suitable, NFS works with the nonprofit organization’s management to develop a mutually satisfactory memorandum of understanding.  In the process of doing this, NFS assists them in determining the size and layout of an installation that would be a good fit for their building; NFS also provides them with an estimate of electricity cost savings per year as well as an estimate of cost savings over the 25-year warranty life of the solar panels. If NFS is able to raise sufficient funds, the nonprofit organization then would apply to NFS for a grant sufficient to complete the installation.  As we are a totally volunteer organization, 100% of funds obtained for an installation project are used solely for that purpose.
  1. Having provided the nonprofit organization with our Directory of Nebraska Solar Businesses, NFS also is able to provide suggestions as to the wording of a request for bids. Although the winning bid is the nonprofit organization’s decision, NFS is willing to assist, if requested, by helping to evaluate equipment specifications and installation costs.   Even though most all Nebraska solar installers provide a one-year warranty on the quality of their installation, NFS recommends that nonprofits ask for two-year warranties.  As well, we recommend use of U.S.-manufactured equipment which has met the highest testing standards; such equipment is competitively priced.  We should note that it is the policy of the Board of Directors of NFS that any solar professional member of the Board is not permitted to be involved in any way with providing assistance to a nonprofit organization’s bid request and bid evaluation processes.
  1. Although every photovoltaic installation must pass a city of Omaha inspection by a licensed electrician as well as an OPPD safety inspection and installation of a net meter, when the installer has stated that installation is complete, an NFS representative also “signs off,” if the installation is indeed functioning as intended.  Further, NFS insures that installers have provided the nonprofit organization with all applicable equipment manufacturer warranties.   Likewise, we insure that contact information for the installer is provided, in case any difficulties with the installed equipment occur in the future.

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